Supply of equipment necessary for improving conformity assessment (CA) services in the Republic of Serbia

Country: Serbia
Language: EN
Number: 155853
Publication date: 17-02-2017
Source: TED
Tags: Chemical products Fire doors


1.Publication reference:EuropeAid/135592/IH/SUP/RS.

2.Publication date of the contract notice:15.1.2016.

3.Lot number and lot title:Lot 1: equipment for determination of physical properties of windows, doors, curtain walls and panels. Lot 2: equipment for radio frequency measurements. Lot 3: equipment for determination of mechanical resistance of construction materials/products. Lot 4: equipment for determination of other physical properties of construction materials/products/building structures. Lot 7: equipment for determination of chemical properties of materials/products. Lot 8: equipment for determination of physical and resistance to fire properties of electrical insulators and electrical products in hazardous locations. Lot 9: equipment for temperature, humidity calibrations and electricity meter testing. Lot 11: equipment for taximeters testing.

4.Contract number and value:Lot 1: 48-00-194/2014-28-1; 501 000 EUR.Lot 2: 48-00-194/2014-28-2; 393 346,27 EUR.Lot 3: 48-00-194/2014-28-3; 129 379 EUR.Lot 4: 48-00-194/2014-28-4; 235 040,82 EUR.Lot 7: 48-00-194/2014-28-7; 898 900 EUR.Lot 8: 48-00-194/2014-28-8; 820 000 EUR.Lot 9: 48-00-194/2014-28-9; 158 000 EUR.Lot 11: 48-00-194/2014-28-11; 92 150,07 EUR.

5.Date of award of the contract:Lot 1: 21.12.2016.Lot 2: 22.12.2016.Lot 3: 27.12.2016.Lot 4: 26.12.2016.Lot 7: 27.12.2016.Lot 8: 26.12.2016.Lot 9: 27.12.2016.Lot 11: 27.12.2016.

6.Number of tenders received:Lot 1: 7 tenders.Lot 2: 8 tenders.Lot 3: 5 tenders.Lot 4: 5 tenders.Lot 7: 5 tenders.Lot 8: 7 tenders.Lot 9: 2 tenders.Lot 11: 1 tender.

7.Name, address and nationality of successful tenderer:Lot 1: Aday Grup Insaat Taahuut Turizm Hayvancilil Ve Tarim Danismanligi Ticaret Limited Sirketi, Cevizlidere Mahallesi 5. Cadde 7. Sokak No: 2/8 Balgat, Cankaya, 06520 Ankara, REPUBLIC OF TURKEY in consortium with Fore Test Cihazlari Imalat Sanayi Ve Uluslararasi Ticaret A.S., Republic of Turkey.Lot 2:Rohde & Schwarz Österreich GmbH, Technologiestraße 10, Gebäude E, Vienna, REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA.Lot 3:SEHA Muhendislik Musavirlik Tic. Ve Makina Sanayi A.S., Mebusevleri Mahallesi, Ayten Sokak No: 27/2, Cankaya, 06580, PO Box 1, Ankara, REPUBLIC OF TURKEY in consortium with Utest Malzeme Test Cihazlari, Ve Makineleri Imalati Ve Dis Ticaret A.S., Republic of Turkey.Lot 4:Globe Corporation B.V., Galvaniweg 4, 6101 XH, PO Box 86, 6100 AB Echt, NETHERLANDS.Lot 7:ROFA, Laboratory & Process Analyzers, Mag. Matthias Fiedler, e.U., Hauptstraße 145, 3420 Kritzendorf, REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA.Lot 8:SC Novaintermed SRL, Ceaikovski Street nr. 7, FI. 18, Bucharest 2, ROMANIA.Lot 9:Ibis-Instruments, Joint Venture Company for Manufacturing, Trade, Sales, Services of Technical Maintenance and General Representation doo Belgrade (New Belgrade), Tosin Bunar St. 272, 1170 Belgrade, REPUBLIC OF SERBIA.Lot 11:Q&T S.p.A., via San Francesco d"Assisi 47/T, 20090 Opera MI, ITALIAN REPUBLIC.

8.Duration of contract:180 days from the commencement date.

9.Contracting authority:The Government of the Republic of Serbia, represented by the Ministry of Finance, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU-Funded Programmes (CFCU), Belgrade, SERBIA.

10.Legal basis:Council Regulation (EC) No 1085/2006 of 17.7.2006 establishing an Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

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